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Heidi Ho Candy Boxx Bobby Sox
Toby Pierce-McCrotch Kara Z'Matic Tom Haat
Tippy Faraday Kitten Kaboodle DJ Tin-tin

Heidi Ho

Princess of Whales, Former Miss Gay Vancouver Island

Heidi Ho has been performing for audiences for the last 10 years! She has a wonderful sense of sarcastic humour, and she's always willing to speak her mind. Heidi is one of the founding members of the Dragbots, and counts herself lucky to work with such an amazing group of talented individuals.

When not on the stage, Heidi spends her time volunteering for the Victoria Pride Society, Westcoast Motorcycle Ride to Live, South Island Tennis Association, and others.

Candy Boxx

Candy Boxx is a newbie drag queen – perhaps just a little drag princess. She started off working in the prop and costume department of the Dragbots and just recently ventured her platform-heeled foot onto the stage. Candy is a twenty-something Gemini with big hair and curves that don't quit. She loves long walks on the beach and keeping her glitter and feathers in every hue of the rainbow. Candy loves to entertain the crowd, even through her shy exterior. She hopes her contributions to the Dragbots help the troupe make everyone smile and give the LGBTQ community a fun and happy experience, celebrating life, ourselves, and the freedom to be whoever we choose to be.

Bobby Sox

Bobby Sox is a self-proclaimed "Drag Quing", being both a male and a female drag persona. Bobby's first appearance was as the cha-cha partner to Yuvanna Cumeetmee, who was competing for (and won) Miss Gay Vancouver Island 2009. Bobby joined the Dragbots in late November 2009 as a king and then a few weeks later as a queen for the XXXmas show. Since then, every show has been a whirlwind of costume and make-up changes. Bobby enjoys being on stage and engaging the audience with comedic visuals and a retro style.

Toby Pierce-McCrotch
Former Mr. Gay Vancouver Island

Toby Pierce McCrotch started doing drag in 2007, helping to start the Tensor Bandits with his drag daddy Pat McCrotch, and went on to win Mr Gay Vancouver Island 2009. Toby was stoked to merge the bandits into the Dragbots and be able to work with beautiful drag queens to perform even bigger shows.
Toby loves to dance and entertain the crowd with his style of schmoozy music, and is always happy to help a newcomer discover their drag king potential!

Kara Z'Matic

Tom Haat

Tippy Faraday

Tippy Faraday was born to a couple of people in that town with the buildings. You know the one, the one with all the roads? After seeing some things and doing some stuff, Tippy decided to try mixing it up by seeing some stuff and doing some things. When that became too boring, Tippy fortuitously came across a Dragbots performance and life was never the same.

After talking to the person with the clout with the guy with the place, Tippy was accepted as a performer with the Dragbots and has loved every minute of it. Tippy tries to ensure a great show and works hard to learn those songs with the lyrics (you know the ones I mean?) When asked what was next, Tippy replied, "oh, this and that, and a bit of the other."

Kitten Kaboodle

Fresh to the world of drag but very eager to learn. Raised on the films of Hollywood's golden era and influenced by her nerdy guilty pleasures the Drag Princess Kitten Kaboodle is delighted to be part of the Dragbot family.
When Kitten is offstage she enjoys arts, crafts, Japanese culture, dancing, singing, roller skating, eating, antiquing and collecting action figures. Kitten also has a distant European goth punk cousin "Twitch" her Drag King counterpart who debuted in the Dragbots Do Glee show.

DJ Tin-tin